Hippo Box River Horse | How to Create a Futuristic Space for the Trendiest Supermarket?

Hippo Box Supermarket: Unveiling Dubai’s Trendiest New Retail Experience

Design Style

Hippo Box Supermarket sets a bold and captivating design within the futuristic landscape of new retail. The overall decor exudes a tech-savvy minimalistic industrial vibe. The initial visual impression of the store resonates with youthfulness and a strong sense of the future. Amidst the array of shops on Tangren Street, this establishment stands out as a unique entity. Amidst the sea of traditional Chinese-style shops lining the street, Hippo Box’s fresh and innovative approach is akin to a breath of ocean breeze within the quaint lanes.

Silver and Klein blue dominate the store’s primary color scheme. Several oversized blue hippopotamus figurines stand endearingly along the sides and center of the store. With their rounded lines and plump forms, they exude an inexplicable charm, prompting passersby to pause at the entrance, curious about the interesting treasures awaiting within.

The designer masterfully employs a simple color palette to infuse life into the storefront. Departing from the conventional supermarket aesthetics, they embrace minimalism by eliminating unnecessary embellishments and outdated decorations. The store is fashioned primarily from metal, LED lights, and geometric lines, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and soothing ambiance.

Layout and Display

An effective supermarket layout guides foot traffic to every corner, optimizing every nook and cranny for maximum efficiency. Hippo Box’s layout follows a “U”-shaped design. As customers enter through the entrance, the spacious main aisle effortlessly leads them through various product zones without the need for explicit signage, making shopping a breeze.

The store’s shelving is constructed from durable silver-gray steel materials. Strategically aligned with the traffic flow, the shelves are vertically arranged with approximately 1.5 meters of space between them. Additionally, designated areas are reserved at each end of the shelves for product stacking, ensuring unobstructed passage.

Product displays are designed to be visible and easily accessible. Items are positioned within the normal range of human vision, approximately 10° above eye level to 20° below, facilitating both customer selection and staff inventory management.

Lighting Design

Hippo Box’s lighting design is equally captivating. Following the principle of contrast, focal areas are illuminated more intensely than their surroundings. This dynamic lighting concept functions like a stage, where the spotlight illuminates the central area, drawing immediate attention.

Circular LED lights, blue-and-white hippo-patterned wall lights, and background lighting in the fresh produce and deli sections all serve as directional guides for customers. Furthermore, the interplay between warm and cool lighting hues impacts the appearance of merchandise and packaging. Hippo Box meticulously ensures that every lighting element presents colors in their most welcoming and natural state. For instance, in the fruits and vegetables section, warm-toned lighting accentuates the vivid colors of the produce, enhancing both consumer experience and confidence in their purchases.

In September, Hippo Box is set to make its debut at Dubai’s Tangren Street in the mall. Remember to come visit and immerse yourself in the world of Hippo Box!”

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