Hippo Box Supermarket | Soft Opening Begins at the End of August

Half Seawater, Half Desert – Dubai, this miraculous city by the Middle Eastern Gulf, showcases its sparkling vivacity every day, akin to a mirage, yet seemingly a realm of wonder on earth.

Endless expanses of glistening glass, soft red fragrant soil under the night and day’s contrast. Here, shops of various styles are as numerous as stars, each one shining with a unique radiance.

Hippo Box Supermarket, nestled in Dubai’s Tangren Street, is a hidden gem of a supermarket that is poised to shine brightly in Dubai.

At the end of August, the soft opening of Hippo Box Supermarket commences, a shop exuding Eastern charm is prepared with intriguing treasures, eagerly awaiting your visit.

Futuristic Flair

Hippo Box Supermarket’s exterior stands out prominently among the myriad of national-style shops on Tangren Street. Klein blue, coupled with the metallic sheen of silver-gray, sparks a novel synergy. Paired with clean lines, the geometric patterns of the hippo motif adorn the walls, and all the shelves and cash counters follow a unified steel style. The hippo motif exudes an entirely futuristic aesthetic.

Standing at the store entrance is the inviting giant “hippo,” round and plump, facing forward with an endearing innocence. It adds a sense of warmth to the space, making passersby eager to step inside or pause and admire.


Providing exceptional service has been Hippo Box Supermarket’s pursuit since its inception. The entire team is committed to offering customer-centric, high-value-added service. Before the grand opening, every service personnel in the supermarket undergoes a month-long training to standardize and normalize customer service. Based on a “user-centric” approach, Hippo Box requires service staff to approach customers within three meters with a smile to offer guidance. Handpicked products are accompanied by detailed explanations; shopping can be directly delivered to one’s home; returns are hassle-free, and so on. “True sincerity lies in the details,” Hippo Box empathizes with customers wholeheartedly, striving to provide comfortable service.

This is not just a place for shopping; it’s also a leisure space where you can relish the joy of leisurely strolls.


For a retail store, the primary competitive advantage is its products. Hippo Box Supermarket offers an array of premium products from various categories across Asian countries. “Exclusive products, exclusively from Hippo Box” forms one of the supermarket’s core strengths. In the fresh produce category, Hippo Box imports a variety of exquisite fruits from Japan, including the renowned Shizuoka melon. For personal care, they stock the full range of South Korea’s B&B brand products. In the fast-food category, they feature China’s top-selling Hao Huan Luo Luo Si Fen.

Hippo Box sells uniquely fresh products that allow customers to experience a sense of novelty. In a cultural melting pot like Dubai, visitors can savor an Eastern flavor.

As summer turns to autumn, at the end of August, Hippo Box Supermarket awaits your visit on Tangren Street.

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