Hippo Box Asian Food Supermarket | Huang Yue Mooncakes – Embracing Loved Ones with Affection

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. It is a traditional Chinese folk holiday. This year, Hippo Box Asian Food Supermarket recommends a unique mooncake for everyone. It’s the Huang Yue Mooncake from Hong Kong, which has won the world’s highest food award for five consecutive years.

Louis Koo assumes the role of the brand-new ambassador for Huang Yue Mooncake

This year, Huang Yue has invited the renowned superstar, Mr. Louis Koo, to be the spokesperson for their mooncakes. Sincerely introducing a variety of celebrated mooncakes – including the Supreme Series, Classic Series, Fashion Series, Low Sugar Series, and Heritage Series – each with its own distinctive features. Led by the master of Huang Yue pastry art and the founder of Peninsula Custard Mooncake, Master Yip Wing Wah, along with his only official disciple and a Michelin two-star pastry master, Master Lai Wing Koon. With their dedicated team of professional chefs, they present a meticulous selection of premium ingredients, intricate crafting techniques, and elegant, exquisite packaging. 100% made in Hong Kong.

Master Yip Wing Wah, the Father of Custard Mooncakes

With over 50 years of experience in the field, Master Yip Wing Wah has held positions at The Peninsula Hotel’s Golden Pavilion for more than 30 years. Throughout his career, Master Yip has maintained a passionate dedication to mastering Chinese pastry art. He upholds rigorous quality standards, and drawing inspiration from custard buns, he ingeniously developed a fusion of Eastern and Western flavors. After meticulous contemplation and continuous experimentation, he crafted mini custard mooncakes with custard filling and buttery crust. This pioneering creation quickly captured the hearts of Hong Kong, ushering in the era of “custard mooncakes”.

In 2018, Chef Yip Wing Wah innovated on the basis of custard mooncakes and developed the Flowing Heart Milk Yellow Mooncake, the first Flowing Heart Sesame Mooncake in Hong Kong, which triggered the Flowing Heart Mooncake craze.

Michelin Two-Star Pastry Master, Master Lai Wing Kwan

Michelin Two-Star Pastry Master, Master Lai Wing Kwan, also joined the Huang Yue pastry team in 2019. As the only official disciple of Master Yip Wing Wah, he previously served as the Dim Sum Head Chef at The Peninsula Shanghai for over a decade. During his tenure at The Peninsula Bangkok in 1998, he successfully sparked the mooncake trend in Bangkok. In 2016, while at The Peninsula Shanghai, he developed the highly popular durian mooncakes. He excels in innovation and skillfully integrates Western ingredients into Chinese pastry art. Together with Master Yip, he co-created the Molten Lava Mooncake series, including the Molten Lava Musang King Durian Mooncake and Molten Lava Ginger Mooncake.

Recipient of the World Food Quality Assessment Award’s “Highest Gold Award”

The Monde Selection World Quality Awards, established since 1961, analyze and evaluate the quality of a wide range of consumer products, bestowing them with unique labels. Each year, more than 80 renowned experts independently assess and test products from around the world. It is a globally recognized food award known for its impartiality and authority, often referred to as the “Nobel Prize of Food.”

Received International Standard Food Safety System Certification

Huang Yue’s food manufacturing facility in Hong Kong is constructed according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, covering an area of over 70,000 square feet. It has obtained the latest International Standard Food Safety System Certification ISO 22000:2018 as well as the HACCP management system certification, ensuring the quality, safety, and hygiene of the food products.

Noble Gift Box, Presents with Dignity

The mooncake gift boxes are meticulously crafted with intricate paper art, each one handmade to create a textured leather-like appearance. The edges of the gift box are adorned with neat stitching, highlighting its elegant and refined atmosphere, as well as its luxurious taste. For the double-layer square box, there’s the sophisticated champagne gold, the bright and dazzling amber orange, and the elegant and fashionable light purple options. The double-layer rectangular box is available in celadon green and sky blue, while this year introduces a new touch of fashion with the addition of a romantic pink double-layer rectangular box. The lightweight four-piece mooncake box features a fresh yellow design. Even the traditional square large box has been infused with new elements, presenting a brand-new design predominantly in pink, providing a wider array of color choices for the mooncake boxes. After the festival, these mooncake gift boxes can transform into jewelry cases, showcasing an elegant temperament suitable for both gifting and personal use.

The molten lava technique requires meticulous attention to detail and refined skills

The filling for molten lava mooncakes needs to be just right, and the crafting process requires a high level of skill. Huang Yue’s molten lava mooncakes have undergone hundreds of rounds of research and refinement to achieve the perfect balance, ensuring they maintain their molten center even at room temperature, while also delivering a complete sensory experience. Molten Lava Ginger Mooncake: Carefully selected high-quality fresh ginger is ground into a fragrant ginger filling, bringing a mild spiciness without overwhelming. Paired with a rich custard molten center and encased in the mooncake’s crispy crust, it creates a layered and enriched taste profile. Molten Lava Matcha Green Tea Mooncake: Employing a new recipe, the matcha flavor is more aromatic and intense. The use of premium green tea is combined with multiple baking processes to create the matcha filling and molten center, resulting in a harmoniously robust tea fragrance melded with the buttery crust’s aroma, providing a smooth and lingering aftertaste. Molten Lava Custard Mooncake: Meticulously selected natural butter and top-grade salted egg yolk form the filling, resulting in a mooncake that emanates a rich custard and salted egg yolk aroma from both inside and out. The custard molten center is as silky as threads. Molten Lava Sesame Mooncake: Only plump, high-quality black sesame seeds are chosen, and they undergo multiple processes to create the molten lava sesame filling, resulting in a rich sesame aroma. Molten Lava Musang King Durian Mooncake: With an entirely new recipe, the durian flavor is more intense. The use of premium Musang King durian is meticulously hand-processed to retain its authentic texture, seamlessly blending into the mooncake. The fusion of Musang King durian and the molten lava technique is perfect. After the festive season, these mooncake gift boxes can transform into jewelry cases, radiating an elegant temperament suitable for both gifting and personal use.

The Supreme Series: Supreme and luxurious are the synonyms for the Supreme Series, where everything from the packaging to the ingredients employs the most precious materials. Newly introduced in this series is the handmade and limited edition Bird’s Nest Custard Mooncake, crafted with the finest, thick bird’s nest to blend into the smooth custard filling, infusing the mooncake with a novel and opulent touch. Paired with the striking amber orange box and carrier bag, it presents a regal and elegant royal taste.

Fashion Series: The Fashion Series exudes a sense of vibrancy, with packaging that uses celadon green, sky blue, and the all-new pink color, creating a dazzling and refreshing visual experience. The sleek and elegant double-layer gift box is adorned with carvings of lotus flowers, water lilies, and cranes on the sleeve, symbolizing the beauty of the moon and flowers during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This design conveys wishes for peace, joy, and reunion.

Classic Series: The Classic Series combines traditional and modern design elements, featuring a unique double-layer jewelry box in champagne gold and amber orange, crafted with intricate paper art. The box retains the textured leather-like appearance, highlighting an air of nobility and refined taste.

Low Sugar Series: The Low Sugar Series uses natural maltitol to significantly reduce sugar content, keeping it within 5%. The filling and crust employ new ingredient formulations, combined with unique baking techniques, allowing the mooncakes to maintain a soft, smooth texture and the delicate fragrance of butter even under low sugar conditions. This achieves a distinctive low sugar mooncake experience.

Heritage Series: The Heritage Series presents the Double-Yolk White Lotus Seed Paste and Double-Yolk Golden Lotus Seed Paste Mooncakes, made with meticulously selected Hunan lotus seeds. The mooncakes feature a beautiful hue and a rich golden salted egg yolk. Following intricate traditional methods, these mooncakes are individually handcrafted, seamlessly combining the crust, lotus seed paste, and salted egg yolk. Multiple rounds of baking are used to release the essence of the salted egg yolk, resulting in a delicate and sandy texture that showcases the masterful craftsmanship. The Mid-Autumn gift box brings together signature pastries and mooncakes, including Molten Lava Custard and Molten Lava Sesame Mooncakes, egg rolls, butterfly pastries, and crispy cookies. This all-encompassing gift box, combined with its exquisite and elegant appearance, is the ultimate choice for gifting.

Mid-Autumn Gift Hampers: Huang Yue’s brand-new gift hamper series offers a variety of pairing options, complete with handmade Huang Yue carrier bags and thoughtful cards, delivering a sense of surprise and joy to the recipients.

HIPPOBOX Asian Food Supermarket is situated across from the Chinatown Food Court in Dubai Mall. It commenced its trial operations on August 31, 2023, conveniently timed right before the Mid-Autumn Festival. We invite everyone to come and choose from our range of premium and delectable mooncakes for the upcoming celebrations!

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